For landholders I know it’s all about profit. If you can’t make a profit you’re not going to produce the product. And if you want to get a profit from the market, I believe that certification is going to become an increasingly important focus from a consumer-led level.

The Honourable Bruce Scott MP, Member for Maranoa

Our biggest task is to maintain the trust of the wider community. Trust in the quality of our food and fibre and trust in the ethics and the integrity of how we produce it. I see a future where our farmers will be valued for their production of food and respected for their environmental delivery.

David Crombie, farewell address as President National Farmers' Federation, 17 November 2010.

Certified Land Management—designed for Australian land managers

The Australian Land Management Group’s Certified Land Management (CLM) system helps land managers, industry organisations and natural resource management agencies improve environmental and animal welfare management and provides an independent verification of performance.

Experienced trainers guide land managers to develop and implement their plan for improving environmental and animal welfare management using our purpose designed software. Accredited auditors review implementation of the management plans, ensuring the integrity of the certification.

CLM is user friendly and takes account of the land manager’s capabilities and aspirations. Land managers use CLM to develop their own plan for improving natural resource management, animal welfare, productivity and risk management. With CLM land managers can verify their environmental and animal welfare credentials.

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